Dice Tower Convention 2018!

The EatVillagers mod team is excited to once again be working with Dice Tower Convention to ensure that there is lots of fun things happening in the Social Deduction Area (Boca rms 1-4, 7 & 8)  running werewolf games from 10pm- onward.

Like last year, we will be offering custom made games with limited availability, and sign ups will be in the Boca Foyer starting at 9pm. Because there will, on most nights, be two special games running simultaneously, you will only be allowed to sign up for one game and you will only be able sign up for a game on the night it is being played.  Special games will begin seating promptly at 10pm.

This year, we have expanded our lists of games and designed several different werewolf mechanics to fit our games. It it is suggested that people be familiar with the basic version of Ultimate Werewolf before attempting any of the themed games, those marked ‘expert’ are for the most experienced players.


A secluded village under siege must use magical lamps to empower their defenses and fight off attacks from werewolves and a mad scientist. The addition of a lamp mechanic to the night phase adds new strategy to the Werewolf experience.

Difficulty: Expert. Shadowglen introduces multiple new roles and mechanics.

Rules Link: http://www.eatvillagers.com/blog/2018/6/28/shadowglen

Players: 34

Date: Wednesday, July 4th, 10 pm.

Harry Potter Werewolf

Are you Lord Voldemort or his followers trying to control the magical world while staying hidden? Or an Auror trying to ensure that good triumphs by leading the populace to a resounding victory? Could you just be a student trying to get through the Battle of Hogwarts without dying? Hogwarts is the epicenter of the magical world, whoever wins this battle could change the tides of the Wizarding World forever.

Difficulty: Advanced. Harry Potter introduces new roles, new mechanics, and items not explicitly stated.

Rules Link: http://www.eatvillagers.com/blog/2017/7/27/harry-potter-werewolf

Player Count: 24

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 10 pm.

Cthulhu Werewolf

Investigator? Cultist? Lord Cthulhu itself? Gurgling horrors await in Cthulhu Werewolf, where knowledge is power and sanity is optional. This is a fun game - be prepared to act out hilarious insanities if you draw the attention of the Sleeper of R’lyeh.

Difficulty: Intermediate. Cthulhu, oddly, is light-hearted and fun. Who knew? The game does have new roles, but tends to involve a lot of laughing.

Players: 25

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 10 pm.

Pokemon Werewolf

Join the Pokemon Village as they try to fend off invasion by the evil forces of Team Rocket and other Pokemon Trainers! Take on the roles of some of your favorite pokemon or denounce the evils of truth and love to extend your reach to the stars above as Team Rocket!
This game has 3 factions, all with a variety of special abilities, as well as a variety of unique items to help or hinder you along your Pokemon journey!

Difficulty: Advanced. Pokemon introduces new roles, mechanics and items that will be unfamiliar to most.

Players: 30

Date: Friday, July 6th, 10 pm.

Asylum Werewolf

Step inside the home of those who suffer insanities and those who care for them as a string of killings happened. Figure out if your sane or perhaps your just a little crazy. Work together as a team and discover who and what is causing the deaths, that is, unless, it's just all in your head...

Difficulty: Advanced-- New rules & different mechanics.

Players: 26

Date: Friday, July 6th, 10 pm.

Lord of the Rings Werewolf

Sauron rises in the East, and the One Ring must be destroyed. This is a very advanced game with 20+ new roles, artifacts such as a physical One Ring that conveys dark power to its wielder, multiple teams, and a new Corruption mechanic… Because in Middle Earth, many things may entrap the unwary.

Difficulty: Expert. Please look over the rules first on this one - there's a lot going on. You do not need to walk in understanding the rules, but you do need to be able to pick it up eventually. Prior Werewolf experience is definitely required.

Rules Link: http://www.eatvillagers.com/blog/2018/4/23/lord-of-the-rings-werewolf

Players: 30

Date: Saturday, July 7th, 10 pm.

Disney Werewolf

Disney has always been a place full of magic, and though there are many examples of its misuse, good always triumphs over evil. Right? That certainly hasn’t stopped villians from infiltrating another gathering of heros. With princes trying to find their princess, and people having underlying intentions, is everything really as it seems in a village based on the Happiest Place on Earth?

Difficulty: Intermediate, though there are new mechanics and story-based unlockables that will help the village.

Players: 25

Date: Saturday, July 7th, 10 pm.