Christmas in July (DTC 2019)

In this battle-tested, gingerbread-infused Werewolf epic, Santa hands out real gift-wrapped presents containing artifacts (some naughty, some nice), and roles like Scrooge and Dark Rudolph react to them in fun and hilarious ways. Usually by killing people.

Now upgraded for DTC 2019.

Thanks to Amber for creating real, gift-wrapped presents!

The Dark Christmas Team

In addition to the Werewolf team, there is a Dark Christmas team that can include: Dark Rudolph. Dark Frosty, Grinch, Gingerbread Killer, Jacob Joycrusher, and Krampus. The Dark Christmas team members do not get to know each other, since many of them can become Good in some circumstances.

There is also a normal Werewolf team. Werewolves can kill Dark Christmas players.

Dark Christmas players and Werewolves win by parity as usual, but only after the other evil team is completely eliminated. If it comes down to just Dark Christmas players and Werewolves, the moderator may call the game due to softy parity if it’s clear that one team has a math win.

Gift-Oriented Roles

Many mechanics in this game revolve around Presents, which are actual gift-wrapped presents that contain a powerful artifact. Santa’s presents are good, but Krampus can give out two evil presents throughout the course of the game.


  • If you open a Present, you have to use it immediately. Even if it’s bad.

  • You can give a Present away even after opening it, if someone is willing to accept it. This is important for roles like Scrooge, who wants to hoard presents, and Dark Rudolph, who can kill all Present-bearers.


Santa Claus

Tough. Wakes each night and gives a Present to one player.

(good team) 


Variants and Modifiers

  • Krampus: Can give out two evil presents at any time during the game. (Dark Christmas team)

  • North Poll Elf: When you die, you explode like a pinata, showering presents upon your neighbors. (good team)

  • Dark Rudolph: Once per game, everyone holding a Present dies. Presents that prevent death take precedence. (Dark Christmas team)

  • Jacob Joycrusher: Wakes at night and searches for Santa. If he finds Santa, Santa dies and all presents lose their power. (Dark Christmas team)


On the good team, but only wins if he gets two Presents. (team good)

However, if he does get two Presents, Tiny Tim and Bob Catchit die.




  • Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit: dies when Scrooge gets his third Present, unless Scrooge sacrifices all of his Presents, and with it, his chance of winning.

Dark Frosty

Kills by night, but if he chooses a Dark Christmas player, they will both be awakened and they will get to see each other. On the Dark Christmas team, but if he gets a Present, he will become Jolly again, and die.

optional: he could live but then he melts to death in 3 days, but he can really blow it for the Dark Christmas team if he gains team knowledge.



A normal villager, but when Narwal dies, the next Present given out is Horn of the Narwal, which allows its bearer to survive one nightkill attempt of any kind. 



Misc. Christmas Roles

Elf on the Shelf

Like the Seer (wakes and night and searches for a Werewolf), but cannot openly state that anyone is definitely a Werewolf, and cannot start a nomination.




Wakes at night and chooses a player who has an unopened Present. Grinch can destroy that Present, or move it to another player, including himself.

(Dark Christmas team)


Variants and Modifiers

  • Cindy Lou Who: wake at night and search for the Grinch. If you find him, his heart grows three sizes, everyone gets their powers back, and the Grinch turns good.

Charles Dickens

Tough. Wakes at night and chooses a player to join the carolers. All carolers must sing Christmas songs at night, or die. Charles Dickens wins if all players in the village sing at the same time (for any reason).  (on his own horrible team)

Note: it's best to continue the game even if Dickens wins.

George Bailey

Must successfully Champion three players by the end of the game to win with the village. (good team)

 Note: Championing is a special way a person can speak on someone else’s behalf during trial. But if the person is still lynched, the Champion is guilty by association, and also dies.

Sweet Baby Jesus / Avenging Messiah

A normal villager, but if He dies at night, He becomes Avenging Messiah. Avenging Messiah wakes each night and smites one player. (good team)



Food Roles

The Muffin Man

Wakes at night and gives a muffin to a player. If that player eats the muffin, and is a Werewolf, his role is revealed. (good team)

Note: this is a fun-but-overpowered alternative to Seer, created by Rob Yates. It's best to tell everyone ahead of time what happens if they eat the muffin, and to include non-Werewolf evil players in the game to balance how strong this role is against Wolves.


The Gingerbread Killer

Wakes at night and chooses a target. That player receives the calling card of the Gingerbread Killer: a delicious treat, perhaps a gumdrop or a severed gingerbread man head. (Dark Christmas Team)

The targeted player lives through the following day, but dies at nightfall, unless the Gingerbread Killer is lynched.