You can use this as a template:


All cards are digitally illustrated with a smudge step that provides a bit more realism with, perhaps, the impression of an oil painting.

Some examples are below.


Team Good cards can have subtle blue elements or lighting/glow, although this is not required. Werewolf and Vampire cards should always have red or yellow elements. Third party cards that do not belong to any team can have gray.

These lighting guidelines are optional, just make sure you don’t unintentionally use cues that are reserved for a different team. For instance, you wouldn’t make a Werewolf card that’s glowing blue.

Werewolf card with red / yellow lighting.

Werewolf card with red / yellow lighting.

Good card with blue lighting.

Good card with blue lighting.

Women and diversity

Diversity is a priority in this project. We are aiming for 50% women or people of color.

When illustrating women, this article provides a good idea of what we are looking for, and what a lot of our audience is starting to demand: