This project is an updated take on the legendary social deduction game, Werewolf (which is in turn based on Mafia, and is in the public domain).  Around the world, several large Werewolf groups exist. Each group runs ambitious games at cons, and constantly experiments with new cards and mechanics, innovating in isolation.

For the first time, the entire community is coming together to share their work.

This section contains details on how to play the game, and galleries of setting/theme images.

wolf group.jpg


Werewolf is a social game often played in groups of 10+ people. The players are all peaceful villagers… Except for a few, who are secretly vicious Werewolves who want to murder everyone.

The game has surprising depth, and as an experiment in mob mentality, reveals many insights into human nature. In larger groups, it’s also a great public speaking exercise. At EatVillagers (in Tampa), we run Werewolf once a week for a group of 25 players, and also at cons across the country.

More: How to play Werewolf


Most Werewolf decks are fantasy themed, but this one is a modern horror story set in a fictional ski town called Moonlight.

Located somewhere in the northeastern United States, Moonlight is a charming tourist destination. During the winter months, Moonlight is a snowy mountain paradise, but the game is set during the off season.

And there are monsters.

Check out this gallery of idyllic Moonlight.



What’s the theme?

Think shades of Stephen King or Stranger Things (but without the 80’s nostalgia): horrific monsters invade a small town, and only the inhabitants can stop them.

It’s a modern horror movie.

Here’s a gallery.